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Today I constructed a thing of beauty.  The K2D2 is not the distant cousin of a famous Astromech droid... no, the K2D2 is an amalgam of two fine consumer products that were simply destined to meet.

Kentucky Fried Chicken's Double Down sandwich is a delightful thing.  Two boneless fried chicken breasts surround bacon, pepperjack cheese, and a savory sauce.  One of KFC's advertising claims regarding this masterpeice is that it is so meaty that there was simply no room for a bun.

I thought otherwise.

Taking inspiration from the fabled "Luther" burger and armed with an instrument of plastic cutlery, I obtained one Krispy Kreme glazed donut on my way to lunch with the Colonel.


Bare of their packaging, they await the sacred joining.


With care and precision, the donut is bifurcated.

The result: finer buns only adorn the most callipygian of wenches!

So, was it delicious?  Was it everything I had ever hoped for?  I, personally, do not often like to mix savory and sweet in an entree, but for scientific rigor, I had to see this through.  I deemed it quite good!  Reminiscent of some Dim Sum dishes, in which a savory meat is contained in a semi-sweet bun, I found it much more than edible, and I savored each bite.

In the name of Science, I urge one and all to construct a K2D2, and to sacrifice it in the pursuit of divine decadence!  This may well be the tipping point, the fulcrim, the very trigger upon which the Singularity itself shall begin.

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