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Zipit Z2 + Matchbox

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I've been following the wonderful hackery going on for the Zipit Z2, mostly following tutorials from the Hunter Davis blog.

Zipit Z2 Running Matchbox

After following the Debian Install Instructions he posted, I've done some additions and explorations that I thought were worth sharing:


For a more optimized GUI, Matchbox is pretty impressive.  It can be installed with:

apt-get install matchbox

Afterwards, you can build a little launcher script (getting "vim" helps for writing scripts on the device):

/bin/z2mouse-option &
xinit /usr/bin/matchbox-session

I haven't figured out the best mouse emulator to use yet.  Aliosa27's ZipIt repository has a bunch of nifty files, and I'm guessing one of them is better for this than the one I'm currently using (which works great with FluxBox, but is missing the Alt keys in Matchbox).  To exit Matchbox using this keyset, the standard X Windows method of Ctrl-Alt-Backspace works (The ... key is Ctrl on the Zipit).

With both Fluxbox and Matchbox, the list of applications is composed from the .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/ so you could build .desktop entries for any custom shell scripts you write (i.e. different wifi connections)

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