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PhreakNIC 9 Car Computing Presentation

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I built my first Car PC in 2001. A set-top PC, a game-pad, a tweaked Windows install, and some WinAMP plugins provided me with a much more capable MP3 player than anything on the market at the time. I continued to enhance this machine until retiring it in 2009 after the video-out failed, and my cell phone was able to provide similar functionality.

I built my second car PC for the DeLorean, using all the software and hardware capabilities that came about since my first car PC. I presented this platform at PhreakNIC 9. My presentation downloadable here.


I'll soon post more pictures of my car computers and some technical information. Meanwhile, here's some great links and a few pics.


  • - Very rich forum for all things carPC
  • - Very rich forum for all things auto electronics
  • - HTPC forum – a lot of overlap in these two fields

I also recommend O'Reilly's Car PC Hacks by Damien Stolarz. It doesn't tell you everything for car computing, but close to it. I've been doing this for a long time, vigorously reading the forum, etc... and I still learned quite a bit from the book.

I've provided an Amazon Affilliate link, if you'd like to have Amazon "tip" me as you buy the book. I sincerely thank you if you choose to do so!

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